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Moffat Bible College Scholarship Policy

Types of Scholarship

Moffat awards scholarships of various kinds, though each award considers the financial need and the general worthiness of the applicant. Academic scholarships are awarded on the basis of attained GPA to worthy students. The Principal's scholarships are awarded to worthy students at the Principal's discretion. Several scholarships are awarded by the Dallas Chinese Bible Church to worthy students based on need and the student's interest in missions. Some scholarships are awarded to worthy students simply based on financial need.

Scholarship Criteria
Students wishing to receive a scholarship must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or above. They must maintain a good moral character, including eschewing plagiarism. They must maintain a good attitude in their class work and scholarship work. Students must be able to demonstrate the need for financial help. Students must also send substantial reports twice per term to the donor(s) providing the scholarship. Leadership The details of this communication are on the Scholarship Requirements page.

First year students should come with a full year's commitment from their sponsors.Sponsorship opportunities are offered to second year,third year and Higher Diploma.

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