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Please complete every question which applies to you then click the Send button. Please remember to print and post the reference forms and sponsor's commitment. Download Printable Forms


Year of birth: Country:

Your present address:

Your home address, if different:



Place of birth:


1. Father/Guardian:

a. Name:

b. Address:

c. Phone:

2. Mother/Guardian:

a. Name:

b. Address:

c. Phone:

3. Are both of your parents living?Yes No

4. With whom did you grow up? Please tick what applies to you:

Both Parents Father only Mother only Grandparents Guardians Children's Home Other

5. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

Brothers: Sisters:

6. Are your parents/guardians active in a church? Yes No

If so, in what church?

and what do they do?

7. What is the attitude of your family toward your attending Moffat?


1. Please tick what applies to you:

Single Parent

2. Have you ever had a child/children before marriage?
Yes No

3. If married, does your husband/wife approve of your attending Moffat?
Yes No

4. If married, did you have a church wedding?
Yes No

5. Is your spouse a born again Christian?
Yes No

6. How many times have you been married?

7. If engaged, please answer the following questions:
a. Do you plan to marry before attending Moffat?
Yes No

b. Do you plan to marry while a student at Moffat?
Yes No

c. Is he/she a born again Christian?
Yes No

d. Is he/she also planning to attend Moffat?
Yes No

e. Does he/she approve of your attending Moffat?
Yes No

8. If you are married or engaged, please provide the names of your spouse and children, including the children's ages, or the name of the person with whom you are engaged.

9. Is he/she employed? Yes No

If so, what is his/her work and who is the employer?

10. Do you want to bring your family with you? Yes No

11. Is there any other personal or family information that you want us to know?


1. Are you a born again Christian?
Yes No

a. If so, how do you know you are?

b. Give the date when you became a born again Christian:

2. Are you a member of a local church?
Yes No

If so give the name and the address of the church.

Church Name:

Church Address:

a. How regularly do you attend this church?

b. How long have you been a member?

c. What do you do in the church in addition to attending?

d. If you are not a member of a local church, indicate what church you are presently attending:

3. Have you been baptized?
Yes No
If yes, when?

a. Who baptized you?

b. Where were you baptized?

4.Have you ever been disciplined by the church?
Yes No

If yes, when?


5. When did you first feel you wanted to attend a Bible college?

6. What led you to feel that way?

7.Why did you choose Moffat?

8. What do you want to do when you finish your studies at Moffat?


1. Name of the secondary school you attended:

2. Year in which you wrote your Form IV exam

and your Form IV exam result:

3. What other schools have you attended since you left secondary school?

4. What other certificates have you received?

5. What achievements, awards, or honors have you received in the areas of study, sports, leadership, music and so forth?

Have you ever applied to any other Bible college? Yes No

Which one(s)?

WORK EXPERIENCE List your employers for the past five years, starting from the most recent.
For each of your jobs, please list the employer's name, telephone number, your job title or function, starting and end dates and reason for leaving.


Moffat Bible College's policy is that the student is responsible to find his or her own school fees.

1. Who has promised to care for your fees at Moffat if you are accepted?

2. Give the full name, address, phone and email of your sponsor.
Sponsor's name:
Sponsor's mailing address

Sponsor's mobile phone

Sponsor's email address

3. Do you have any outstanding debts of any kind, whether financial (monetary) or material (in kind)? This would include financial loans from an individual, an employer, a bank, or other source, as well as material debts such as dowry payment, crop reimbursement, or other obligations. Give the nature of this debt, its amount and your plan to clear it completely.


A complete physical exam at the Kijabe Medical Centre is required of all new students who attend Moffat. The school will arrange for this during your first term at Moffat. The cost of the exam, all laboratory work, and any necessary medicine is the responsibility of each student. In addition, could you please answer the following questions?

1. Do you have any current medical problem? If so, what?

2. Have you had a medical problem in the past? If so what?

3. Have you seen a doctor or been a patient in a hospital any time during the past year?
Yes No
If so, give details

4. Are you on medication?
Yes No
If so, give details

5. Are there foods you can't eat for medical reasons?
Yes No
If so, what are they, and why can you not eat them?


Please tick ONE enrollment objective that matches your situation. Enrolling as a new student in the 1 year or 2 year Certificate programs (KCSE Results D+(Plus).
Enrolling as a new student in the 3 year Diploma programs.
Enrolling as a transfer student in the Diploma programs.
Enrolling as a returning Moffat student in the 3 year Diploma programs.
Enrolling as a new student in the 4th year Higher Diploma programs.

Please tick ONE academic major that you prefer.
Bible and Theology
Pastoral Ministries
Chaplaincy and Counseling
Christian Education
Inter-Cultural Studies
AIDS Ministries

I promise that if accepted by Moffat Bible College, I will accept the mission and goals of the college. I will live by the rules of the college and will do volunteer service while a student of the college as needed. I realize that I will be living in a college with Christians from many different ethnic/cultural backgrounds and countries, and I will seek to live at harmony with all in the spirit of Christian love. I accept the fact that Moffat is a boarding school, and I will accept the facilities and meals as provided. I realize that special foods and meals cannot be provided.

By ticking the yes box, you indicate your acceptance of the statement above.
Yes No
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