Moffat Bible College was fully registered as a diploma granting Bible College by the Ministry of Education of the Kenyan Government on April 9th, 2008 and was fully accredited for its Bible and Theology diploma program from the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA) on March 26, 1999.


The Mae Teasdale Memorial Library is the study and research centre of the college. Its mission is to acquire, preserve and disseminate information material and knowledge in support of the learning, teaching and research functions of the college. It houses a variety of educational media, cataloged according to the Library of Congress system of classification. Moffat has an open system services and students can borrow at least five books for two weeks. Holdings as of 1st September 2009 include over 16,000 volumes.

While the bulk of Moffat's holdings reflect its conservative evangelical heritage (especially the Dispensational and Reformed traditions), there are a number of works by non-evangelical authors. For instance, the library has books written by Brunner, Pannenberg, and Schleiermacher, as well as by liberation theologians such as Kee. Roman Catholic theology is represented by the Catholic Encyclopedia, a systematic theology (Schmaus), and some contemporary catechisms and other popular works. Different Protestant perspectives include Baptist (Davis, Strong), Lutheran (Mueller), Methodist (Wesley), Presbyterian (Boice, Buswell), and Christian Reformed (Berkof).

Similar breadth is seen in other areas of the collection, as in the following three examples. First, one can find books on the history of Israel by authors such as John Bright, F. F. Bruce, Martin Noth and Leon Wood. Second, on ethics, books by Waldo Beach, Emil Brunner, John Davis, Norman Geisler, Carl F. H. Henry, H. Richard Niebuhr, and John Stott are available. Third, the library possesses works on African theology by Bolaji Idowo, John Mbiti, and Byang Kato.