Care for one’s spiritual growth is essential for all students. In addition to their own personal devotions, students will benefit from dormitory devotions, small groups that meet for the purpose of mentoring, spiritual growth and prayer for practical ministries, class fellowships, men’s and women’s fellowships, communion, chapel, prayer days, missions days, and other special meetings.


The college provides courses, assignments, seminars, special speakers, and audio/visual media that are designed to challenge and inform. Students are also encouraged to pursue subjects of personal interest by making use of the library, or by meeting with lecturers for discussion and learning.

Practical Ministries

Moffat provides a variety of activities whereby students may serve the church while gaining practical experience. Many of these activities occur on Sunday, while others occur during the week. Each student receives an assignment to a church or other institution from the Practical Ministries Director each term. These assignments include such ministries as teaching Sunday school, working with Christian Youth in Action, leading Bible studies, leading music, preaching and leading services in secondary schools, in hospitals or in orphanages, and more. Diploma students participate in a two-week annual outreach during the August vacation after Year 2 Term 3. Higher Diploma students are assigned to teach weekly pastoral Bible classes in area primary schools. Students are expected to prepare well for these ministries, spending time in prayer and preparation. Students are evaluated each term for their participation in practical ministry.