Student Ministries

There are different methods of learning [add comma] including observation and participation.  Our students learn to teach, preach, pastor, [and] do administration through practical ministry opportunities while at Moffat. These ministry opportunities include:

Practical Ministry

Each student receives a ministry placement to a local Church, hospital, prison, school [add comma] etc, at the beginning of the academic year from the Moffat Practical Ministry Department. The students conduct evangelism, discipleship training, leadership training seminars, small group Bible studies, preaching, teaching etc.  in the assigned areas. Most of these activities occur on Sunday; others occur during the week.

Mission Trips

Moffat sometimes sponsors an outreach team to work with a particular church over a weekend for a special time of visitation and teaching. Churches desiring to host an outreach team sponsored by Moffat must write directly to the Practical Ministries Director to make arrangements.

Student Internships

Each year at the end of July, the second year class is sent on a special two week internship. The Students familiarize themselves with the day today activities of the organization involved and also help strengthen the church where it is not well established. This internship is planned by the Practical Ministries Director and Requests for Moffat to send the team must come to him/her in writing directly from the Church or institutions

Student Outreach

Students shall not accept requests for ministries during the college term. Requests must be submitted to the Practical Ministries Director so that he can assign a student to the ministry.